Iron Man: Mk 50 Playing Cards

$60.00 USD

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Neal S.
Very happy

The quality is really good and not bad for the price.

Perfect Gift

Was worried about spending so much on playing cards. However, once our son opened them and seeing his excitement it was worth it. And they really are very nice cards. The box with the light up arc reactor looks great and makes for an amazing shelf display. These are the perfect gift for a card collector and marvel fan.

Miriam D.
Great gift

Got this as a xmas gift for my brother and he loves it sooo much!!! When the box is opened it lights up! Also he loves Iron Man.

Charles M.
Ironman cards

Cards a high quality was purchased as a gift only issue was there was a battery out of place and light panel would not just slide out as shown in the video and was glued in some damage was done to case to correct it


je suis en France et tout est parfait ! un cadeau introuvable chez nous !! mille merci a bientôt


Best cards I ever had

Iron Man V2

Excellent deck with special deck cover that works very well. Excellent recommend adding to your collection

Robert d.j.

Amazing deck of cards that is so precious to me i cant even open them⁶ hahaha collector problems hahaha

Rebecca B.
Satisfied Customer

So I didn't realize the case was gonna be made mostly out of cardboard, so when I first opened it, I pulled a little too hard. I thought I'd broken it, but luckily I just had to slip a tab back in a slot and it was fine. Given the intricacy of everything going on here and the light up part and the quality of the actual cards, I guess the price is fair, although it still feels a little much to me for what basically amounts to cardboard. And that was on sale, too. I'd say they're worth the price, especially when you're as obsessed with Iron Man as I am, but if you're not a collector or a huge Iron Man fan I'd say avoid buying them at full price. Overall I'm pretty satisfied. Just be careful opening the case for the first time until you figure out the exact force needed. (Part of the problem is you need more force to disconnect the magnets than you want to finish opening it, which is why I "broke" it the first time. Just be really careful, is what I'm saying.)

Beautiful and amazing quality

Beautiful and elegant, red and gold never goes wrong.