Demon: Gigantic Edition

$65.00 USD

For centuries, demons have been conjured from the underworld. Infamous for their malevolent nature, they have been often associated with nocturnal animals like bats. The devilish features of the creature have yet to be fully revealed, and the giant wings suggest that devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky. With over Three Years in the making, we are here to present to you, the Demon Playing Cards. 

🦇Gigantic Edition🦇 Features:

  • The tuck case is infused with 2 different hot foils: Black and Gold on a premium matte finish paper 
  • Advanced 3D Embossing Technology was applied to the tuck case.
  • Undergoes Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting, and Hand Assembly. 
  • Beautifully designed on casino quality card stock with metallic ink
  • Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Hot Stamping, and Hand Assembly
  • Over 9 forms of the tuck case for the ultimate display with display stand included
  • Each Box consists of 16 sliding tracks and over 101 folding creases 
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    Bionical Tuck Design

    The power is in your hands. Display the Demon: Gigantic Edition in anyway you like with over 9 forms of display. Comes with a bottom case and top case for a sturdy display!

    Innovative Access System

    Our latest-innovative tuck case allows secures the deck safely inside the "bat" figure. Consisting of 16 sliding tracks and over 101 folding creases. This is a true works of craftmanship.

    Advanced 3D Technology

    Tuck Case is applied with Advanced 3D Embossing Technology. The tuck case undergoes Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting and Hand Assembly accompanied with 2 elegant foils.

    9 Different Display Forms

    We have taken the shapeshifting nature of the bat and created 9 different displays, each showcasing the demonically features of the bat.

    User Opening Instructions

    Whether you have purchased the Demon: Vengeance Edition or the Gigantic Edition, it is recommended to watch the opening instructions before accessing the deck.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Jarrin V.

    An amazing edition to my collection

    Cool U.
    It's awesome

    You will find my review soon in my channel on YouTube.

    Amazing Case and thoughtful subtle touches to the cards

    First, the case is enormous. It's about 2-3x the total size of a regular card case. It's a very intricate case and the fact you can set it up in different styles depending on how you open it is awesome to have as a display piece at home.

    The cards themselves in the gigantic edition are very nice! There's no solid white colored border, the design goes to the edge of the card, and the dark edges on the face/numbered side gives it a weathered look to them that is a great touch.

    Jessica I.
    My order never arrived

    I can't write a review about my order because i never recieved it
    This was supposed to be a gift for someone special and i've waited 3 months and still don't know what happened to my order

    Phil T.

    beautiful cards, superb tuck box, another top quality deck form a top quality supplier.

    Stuart C.
    Closing out 2022 with a bang!

    I will admit, this was a Christmas present for myself. I could not be happier with these cards. The bar has been set so high I cannot wait to see what you have in store for 2023.

    Joakim E.
    Quite good.

    The deck is amazing except a few this that drag down it's score. First bad thing is that the king, Queen and prince is the same for the red cards and same for the black. The heart and diamond Royal family is the same images and then the Royal family for spade and clover have the same pictures. First i thought my deck was weird but nope that is how it is meant to be. The second bad thing is that the deck come with a instructional manual on how to handle it but if you dont watch the instructions video for the deck you probably will do the same mistake that i did wich will damage your deck and if you miss this video and only follow the manual that come with the deck and then commit this misstanke and damage the deck. If this happens then card mafia will count it as a damage you made and not replace the deck. Even thoe they do not tell you this step in their manual and only tell you in the video. Due to this the deck gets a lower point but the deck itself is quite good and the box different display modes is rather cool. Recommend the deck but make sure you watch the instructions video before you toutch it.

    Gavin W.M.
    EPIC deck box! It's MASSIVE!

    Wow! When they say GIGANTIC edition, they aren't kidding! When fully expanded, the tuck box is HUGE! It looks incredible and the gold foiling against the black looks amazing. The cards inside are borderless on the gigantic edition and look absolutely amazing in a fan! Love the custom court cards and pips as well. I got so many compliments on this box and deck! YouTube video placeholder

    Ordered as a gift. The box is very unique and cool.

    jiang y.

    Nice,the shell is bigger than i thought but it didn't deviate too much from my expectation. Personally still like it