Spider-Man: Iron Spider Armor (Gilded Editions)

$100.00 USD
$70.00 USD

ONLY 50 DECKS for each edition are AVAILABLE! 

Foiled Numbered Seal. 


“With great power, comes great responsibility...”

Introducing an amazing fantasy: the Spider-Man: Iron Spider Armor Playing Cards, now adorned with exquisite GILDED Edges. The Crimson Edition boasts resplendent HOLOGRAPHIC RED Gilding, while the Classic Edition shines with opulent HOLOGRAPHIC GOLD Gilding.

Crafted with utmost care, we are meticulously hand-gilding 50 exclusive Iron Spider Decks. This collection comprises 50 decks with mesmerizing Holographic Red Gilding and another 50 decks adorned with lavish Holographic Gold Gilding. Each deck is accompanied by a distinctive Foiled Number Seal, a testament to its authenticity and uniqueness.


  • Spider-Man: Iron Spider Armor Deck Gilded in Holographic Red/Holographic Gold Foil
  • Limited to 50 Decks each with Foiled Number Seal
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      Gilded Elegance for True Collectors

      Step into a realm where the elegance of gilded edges meets the art of cardistry, creating an unparalleled fusion of sophistication and marvel.

      Hold the Spider-Verse at your fingertips.

      Engage in deals that transcend the ordinary, transporting you to a world where each card drawn brings forth a moment of marvel and fascination.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      What a beauty!

      There are only 50 of these incredible gilded decks in existence, making them some of the rarest Playing Cards Card Mafia has ever produced.

      Jayman T.
      Beautiful deck

      Can't believe there are only 50 beautiful decks. Glad I got one.

      Andrei P.
      Highly recommend

      These cards have captured my heart! The remarkable level of design.

      Noor I.
      Outstanding design

      I've never come across a tuck case design as unique as this one! The lighting element truly caught me by surprise and left a lasting impression.

      Malik J.
      Stunning for collection

      This Spiderman deck just stands out as the most visually stunning among my collection. The vibrant red colors are even more amazing. Recommend to add this Spider deck to your collection!!

      Isabella K.
      Captivating colors and style that's a must-have!

      Really love the color of this Spiderman edition. Shipping is also really fast. Just got my hand on it in a couple days. Great job!