Demon V2: Gigantic Edition

$65.00 USD

Welcome to the next chapter of our success story! Building upon the triumph of our Demon Playing Cards, we are thrilled to present our latest creation - the spellbinding Demon V2 Playing Cards - Return of the Bloodmoon. Unleashing the essence of darkness and allure, this new deck is a testament to our commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship. Join us in summoning the devil's charm as we embark on this infernal journey once more, making a mark in the world of playing cards.

šŸ¦‡Gigantic EditionšŸ¦‡ Features:

  • Brand new artwork and fresh design of the devil infused in the tuck case.
  • The tuck case is infused with 3 different hot foils: Red, Silver, and Black on a premium matte finish paper
  • Advanced 3D Embossing Technology applied on the tuck case.
  • Undergoes Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting, and Hand Assembly.
  • Beautifully designed on casino quality card stock with metallic ink
  • Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting, Hot Stamping, and Hand Assembly
  • Over 9 forms of the tuck case for the ultimate display with display stands included
  • Each Box consists of 16 sliding tracks and over 101 folding creases
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    šŸ¦‡Bionical Tuck DesignšŸ¦‡

    The power is in your hands. Display the Demon V2: Gigantic Edition in anyway you like with over 9 forms of display. Comes with a bottom case and top case for a sturdy display!

    šŸ¦‡Innovative Access SystemšŸ¦‡

    Our latest-innovative tuck case allows secures the deck safely inside the "bat" figure. Consisting of 16 sliding tracks and over 101 folding creases. This is a true works of craftmanship.

    šŸ¦‡Advanced 3D TechnologyšŸ¦‡

    Tuck Case is applied with Advanced 3D Embossing Technology. The tuck case undergoes Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting and Hand Assembly accompanied with 2 elegant foils.

    9 Different Display Forms

    We have taken the shapeshifting nature of the bat and created 9 different displays, each showcasing the demonically features of the bat.

    User Opening Instructions

    Whether you have purchased the Demon V2: Vengeance Edition or the Gigantic Edition, it is recommended to watch the opening instructions before accessing the deck.

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