One Piece Playing Cards - Zoro

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Main Features:

  • Officially licensed by Toei Animations with Anti-counterfeit Label.
  • Features a finely Embossed Tuck Case with One Piece Artwork
  • Fully redesigned suits (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) with One Piece Elements
  • Court Cards featuring all the members of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates
  • Printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Legendary Finish. Made for professionals with casino quality.

Get ready to join the swordsman and first-mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, Roronoa Zoro, on his adventures with our One Piece Playing Cards - Zoro Edition by Card Mafia. Officially licensed by Toei Animations, these playing cards feature a finely embossed tuck case with stunning One Piece artwork that is sure to impress even the most discerning collectors. With an anti-counterfeit label, you can be confident that you are receiving a genuine product that has been carefully crafted to meet the highest standards.

Redesigned Suits with One Piece Elements

Our One Piece Playing Cards feature fully redesigned suits (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) with One Piece elements, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of this beloved anime series. Each card has been carefully crafted to feature unique details that bring the world of One Piece to life, making these playing cards an ideal choice for fans of the series.

Iconic Zoro Court Cards

Our court cards feature Zoro in a variety of iconic poses, showcasing his swordsmanship and warrior spirit. Whether you're a long-time fan of the series or just discovering it for the first time, these playing cards are a must-have for anyone who loves this beloved character.

Legendary Finish

Our One Piece Playing Cards are printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company with their legendary finish, which is made for professionals and provides a casino-quality feel that is unmatched by other playing cards on the market. Whether you are a professional card player or simply looking for a high-quality deck of playing cards to use at home, our One Piece Playing Cards are an excellent choice.



Our cards are manufactured to match the casino-quality standard using 300 gsm Germany Black Core paper, and ultra smooth luxury finish. They are perfect for collectors, magicians, cardists, and individuals who love to play cards.

Shipping & Returns

Card Mafia will gladly offer credit in the form of a digital code for the exchange of any items (still sealed in new condition) purchased on within 7 days of receiving the package.


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The Straw Hats

Hop on board the Thousand Sunny with the infamous Straw Hat Pirates and set sail to become the Pirate King!

Elegant Designs

The infamous figure of Zoro can be seen across the entire deck with 3D Embossing on the tuck box.

Officially Licensed

Officially licensed by Toei Animation Company with Anti-counterfeit Label at the bottom of the tuck case.

Complete The Collection

The One Piece Playing Cards each feature individual characters with unique design elements. We invite you to discover all the Easter eggs we have hidden in the deck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Nicolás S.
I love this deck

The deck of cards is great, it is the one I use the most, it could improve but it surprised me

Francisco A.
Design as Sharp as a Sword

I have always enjoyed One Piece and was excited to see decks being made with the characters from the show. Not only is the art stunning, but the finish and handling of the cards are excellent!

If you would like to see more pictures and videos of the One Piece or other Card Mafia decks, please check me out on Instagram @magicmanfran

Diggo D.
What a surprise! Great Cards!

Real cool cards! Some of the best stock out there. Also I love how the cards are used on every King Court or every Queen Court. The inks are sharp and the green they picked for this one is legit sweet! YouTube video placeholder
Deryn L.
My favorite character!

Zoro is my favorite One Piece character. This was THE deck I had to have above all. I love the color scheme and the ace of spades.

If you want to see more photos of other One Piece decks, please find me on Instagram @deryn_magic

Sid S.
Very sweet deck!

Love this one piece series. Got into the anime last year, noticed there was a series of one piece cards, had to get a couple of them. Very great works of art on the boxes. My daughter stole the Zoro deck from my collection so her and her boyfriend can play card games. The green zoro box definitely stands out, the texture on the cards is great for tricks (I don’t do any sadly) and for a good ol fashioned game of poker.

Emily D.
Amazing deck of cards!

The Ultimate One Piece collection with all characters represented is fantastic! Great products!

Amelia S.

Nice Cards.

Packaging was perfect

Arrived quickly and packaging was really nice.

Magic A.
My favorite deck!

The entire one piece series have become my favorite cards to handle. Thanks card mafia for this lovely product. The feel of the cards is so good. Love fanning it, doing cardistry, and performing magic with these.

Sophia C.
Love the Green on ZORO.

Glad they went with a color and design that is JUST for Zoro.