One Piece Playing Cards - Exclusive Foiled Collection

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*Website Exclusive Only at CARDMAFIA.COM."

*LIMITED TO 1500 SETS In Stock and Ready to Ship!*

Main Features:

  • Exclusively on the Card Mafia Website
  • FULLY FOILED Tuck Case with Premium Embossing
  • 9 DECKS IN TOTAL (Straw Hat Pirates)
  • Officially licensed by Toei Animations with Anti-counterfeit Label.
  • Features a finely Embossed Tuck Case with One Piece Artwork
  • Fully redesigned suits (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) with One Piece Elements
  • Court Cards featuring all the members of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates
  • Printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Legendary Finish. Made for professionals with casino quality.

If you're a true One Piece fan, you won't want to miss out on our One Piece Playing Cards - Foiled Collection by Card Mafia. Skip the line and complete the collection before everyone else with this limited edition bundle that includes all the crew members, so you can set sail and become the Pirate King. Exclusively available on the Card Mafia website, this bundle features nine decks in total, one for each member of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates.

Fully Foiled and Embossed Tuck Box

Each deck in the One Piece Playing Cards - Foiled Collection features a fully foiled and embossed tuck box, providing a premium look and feel that is sure to impress even the most discerning collectors. With stunning One Piece artwork, this bundle is the ultimate collector's item for fans of the series.

Redesigned Suits with One Piece Elements

Our One Piece Playing Cards feature fully redesigned suits (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) with One Piece elements, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of this beloved anime series. Each card has been carefully crafted to feature unique details that bring the world of One Piece to life, making these playing cards an ideal choice for fans of the series.

Infamous Straw Hat Pirates

Our court cards feature all the members of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates, including  Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and much more. These characters have been brought to life in vivid detail, making these playing cards an ideal choice for fans of the series who want to bring a little bit of the One Piece universe into their everyday lives.

Legendary Finish

Our One Piece Playing Cards are printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company with their legendary finish, which is made for professionals and provides a casino-quality feel that is unmatched by other playing cards on the market. Whether you are a professional card player or simply looking for a high-quality deck of playing cards to use at home, our One Piece Playing Cards are an excellent choice.



Our cards are manufactured to match the casino-quality standard using 300 gsm Germany Black Core paper, and ultra smooth luxury finish. They are perfect for collectors, magicians, cardists, and individuals who love to play cards.

Shipping & Returns

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Officially Licensed

Featuring a Fully Foiled Tuck Box on all the Straw Hat Pirate Crew! LIMITED EDITION OF 1500 SETS.

Complete the Collection

The One Piece Playing Cards each feature individual characters with unique design elements. We invite you to discover all the Easter eggs we have hidden in the deck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Ruben G.L.
Straw Hat Pirates as Deck of Cards

It is a remarkable decks of playing cards to be licensed by TOEI Animation. These decks are legit becoming official merchandise for the longest running anime in the world, One Piece. Each deck features one of the crews, and each have different colors and design. The decks work together if it displayed in one line-up, as it will reveal the characters like standing in a row presenting themselves to you.

It is a perfect set to have for both card collectors and those who worship the anime itself. For magician and cardist, the stock and finish for the cards are great for use - kudos for TWPCC.

Card Mafia made a great offering of decks that are licensed by big companies.

Great Set for One Piece Fans

Love One Piece and when this dropped it was an instant buy for me. Got them in and was not disappointed. Card Mafia does it again with an amazing set of cards!

Super fun

The decks are all just so unique while also sticking to a theme so well, it makes it fun to switch up all the packs but they still are cohesive and look incredible together

Barry B.
Absolutely Fabulous

I am so pleased with these cards. They are absolutely beautiful. I am even more impressed at how they were shipped. Card Mafia makes sure that your package is secure and that it will safely arrive without damage (on their part). If you are a One Piece collector these cards are definitely for you.

park J.
so gooood

so very good!! It's really so cool and fantastic. I was impressed with the details of the product!!!

David L.
Perfect gift for One Piece fans.

The foiled set is definitely a collector worthy item. If you are looking for the perfect display piece, this is the one you want.

Joseph K.

This is the most beautiful set on my shelf! Love them so much.

Alexander H.


James M.
Every One Piece Fan will love them!!!

As a huge One Piece fan, I love this deck…

William N.
Top quality and craftsmanship.

The quality and design of these cards are amazing. This won't be my last time ordering from Card Mafia.