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Worth the purchase!

Satisfying card experience

Gilded One Piece deck

The decks were amazing, good quality and beautiful. Definitely worth the value. I have been a one piece fan for a long time so these are perfect.

S&M v9 set

If you thought the v8 deluxe were cool, the v9s are even sweeter!...always shipped securely

Great Cards, Great Quality,

These cards are great in all ways, Great style, design, Color, quality and value.
Shipping was fast which was awesome.

Smoke Limited Edition (deluxe)

Cards are beautiful as always...Dan & Dave know what they're doing...Deluxe tuck box is so cool...Card Mafia always ship safely and securely!

What a beauty!

There are only 50 of these incredible gilded decks in existence, making them some of the rarest Playing Cards Card Mafia has ever produced.

Awesome set!

Another one to the family. I have collected every single one since release and this one is just as good as the previous ones!


The tuck case of this deck is the best of all time! PVC papers have a very high quality and are truly indestructible. The card design is crazy! Don't miss them

Amazing art + cards

Instantly fell in Love. The artwork is Amazing and the Cards are feeling very Good.
Great work!

Simply fantastic

I just received these cards today only a few days after ordering them and they are beautiful. The box makes a great display piece and the cards are high quality and could be a display piece themselves. My green foil cards are very cool, but the gold foil cards are just stunning with their all black design. I'm extremely happy with this purchase and have already shown it off to a few people who loved it as well. I added a few pictures to show the size (compared to a 20oz G2 bottle) and another possible color scheme compared to the images provided on the site. Also, not great lighting for me, but it all still looks great.

Loki at its best

Two incredible decks in a beautiful tuck box. It hardly gets any better than this.

Loki of Asgard

Great job with “God of Mischief” playing card! These are my favourite playing cards so far. The card design and lights on the box are simply amazing. I keep them in the living room as a decorative light on a shelf...
Card Mafia never stop to amaze us!

What an incredible Deck

The gilded Edition makes the exceptional Playing Cards even more special.

This deck is absolite stunning

I reccomend to buy at least one Marvel deck from cardmafia, they are absolute amazing design and cards and when the lights turn on my mind goes actually woahhh

An amazing edition to my collection

Magical deck(s)

The cards are awesome, but the display box is just magical. Definitely stands out on the shelf. Opening is a bit tricky. But I love the designs and the lighting of it. The two decks are amazingly designed and love the light and dark aspects of them. The art work is always top notch with Card Mafia.

Definitely my fav deck yet amazing design and quality 10 out of 10 wba

Best set of playing cards

I love this set and it is totally worth it for any card collector or anyone looking for a very cool deck of cards.

cardmafia! also does not betray. best!

It's just exciting.
I am thrilled with the details of the designs and prints.
Please keep making new versions of decks
i love you.

the best by far

This deck is the best I love it, it could improve the quality a bit but the design is beautiful

I love this deck

the quality of this deck surprised me a lot the truth is a 10 slides very well I love it and the design is beautiful

I love this deck

The deck of cards is great, it is the one I use the most, it could improve but it surprised me

It just keeps getter better!

I’ve collected all of the Marvel decks from Card Mafia, and have been extremely pleased! Now, with this Loki-Avengers Assemble, WOW! The color, the cards, the wow factor is: WOW WOW!! 👍🏼👍🏼


Fast shipping as always! Come beautifully! Love them! Thanks cardmafia!

Great quality and print

The one piece franky deck was amazing I totally loved it . The print and quality of cards is superb