Anime North 2022 was a blast! The Card Mafia team was thrilled to have met new friends and reunited with old friends. This was one of the biggest events we have ever attended, and once again, the community made sure we were comfortable and felt at home. Every morning throughout the event, we would see so many fans and cosplayers lining up outside; despite the hot weather, every single one of them seemed excited and passionate about the event. We can feel the venue's atmosphere full of fun and joy. We couldn't be happier to be welcomed to this marvellous event!

We have also kicked off a new product line using this event as a platform to introduce our One Piece Playing Cards, officially licensed by Toei Animation. It is safe to say that One Piece fans loved it because we sold out just two days in the event; we had to restock our inventory just to have it sell out again on the final day. The entire Card Mafia team felt very grateful to feel so much love from the fan base and will only continue to push the boundaries to bring you more innovative products!

We are looking forward to the next event, and please stay tuned as we have more exciting stuff coming soon! Thank you all who came to say hi, and thank you, Anime North, for arranging such a fantastic event.

- The Card Mafia Team

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