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  • If you have pre-ordered the Black Panther Playing Cards, you are automatically entitled to the Private Access to our Black Panther Playing Cards 1 OF 100 Extremely Limited GILDED EDITION. They will be available ONLY to customers who Pre-Ordered the Black Panther Playing Cards, more details will be announced mid Janurary.
  • During the manufacturing process, you will receive a discount code for most products we release while you wait for your order.

The Pre-Order window is from 2022.11.11 to 2022.12.11. Once the window has passed, we will no longer accept Pre-Orders for this product. The manufacturing process is extremely complex as it involves hand assembling each component, laser cutting and engraving; therefore, for the first batch, there will be only 1500 units for this Pre-Order event. If your shopping cart includes other products at checkout, we will ship your order together once the Black Panther deck is ready for shipping.

The shipping for this product is planned to start in Early Janurary, 2023. We will do our best to fulfill the shipping date on time so you will be the first to get this deck of playing cards. Please make sure to check out this page regularly as we will update our latest timeline regarding this product down below if there are any adjustments.

Thank you all for the tremendous support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact We will do our best to answer your questions. We will constantly update this page with our latest timeline if there are any adjustments, so be sure to check in regularly. The timeline might have some minor changes, but we will do our best to keep things ahead and on time for shipping. With the supply chain issues due to the global pandemic, we are grateful for your support and understanding in these difficult times. From the bottom of our hearts at the Card Mafia team, we would like to say, thank you.

Next-Gen PVC

Main Features:

  • Sustainable PVC Material that is guaranteed to last a long time.
  • As thin and as light as paper playing cards
  • Perfect handling for playing card lovers: smoother for spread, softer for spring.
  • Washable, durable, forever usable.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Next-Gen PVC utilizes Polyvinyl Chloride as the main material to our latest introduction of plastic playing cards. We understand that paper materials were irreplaceable as cardists and magicians have already gotten used to them. But we have found a balance that perfectly balances both worlds.

Ever since we got our hands to try out the Next-Gen PVC, we can never go back. They can fan, spread, spring, and faro shuffle (you name it) with ease! 

PVC are sustainable material that is an ideal choice for long lasting products. We have tested these decks under some extreme circumstances but they all survived and still function like new decks. They are tear resistance, water resistance, and will last a long time even if you handle them everyday.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are not satisfied with the product, feel free to return it to us to get a full refund!


*This is a Pre-Order Event that starts from 2022.11.11 to 2022.12.11. Shipping is expected to start in early January 2023. We encourage you to participate in this Pre-Order event as it will automatically grant you Private Access to our Black Panther 1 OF 100 Extremely Limited GILDED EDITION with a discount price in the near future.*


"My name is King T'Challa, son of King T'Chaka. I am the sovereign ruler of the nation of Wakanda."

Following the death of his father, T'Challa took the mantle of becoming the king and protector of Wakanda. With the help of the Heart-Shaped Herb, he was given superhuman strength, speed, and instincts. He has fought alongside other Avengers and has proven to be worthy of the Black Panther Mantle. WAKANDA FOREVER!

Main Features:

  • One-of-a-kind Tuck Case featuring Black Panther's Helmet.
  • Innovative Opening/Closing System that Triggers the Suit's LED
  • Officially licensed by Disney with Anti-counterfeit Hologram Label.
  • Featuring finely tailored BLACK, PURPLE & SILVER Hot Foils.
  • The Center of the LED lights up in PURPLE showcasing Black Panther's Eyes.
  • LED Lights last more than 100,000 Seconds. With a fully upgraded easy battery-replacement system. Batteries Included.
  • Printed by the Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Legendary Finish. Made for professionals with casino quality.



Become the Black Panther with Purple LED lights that last more than 100,000 seconds! Our latest-Innovative Tuck Case that triggers the LED to light up automatically when you open them.


Our latest-innovative tuck case can be extended up to the length of more than two standard poker decks! With intricate locking mechanisms that are durable like Wakandan Vibranium.


Officially licensed by Disney with Anti-counterfeit Hologram Label. The innovative tuck case grants you easy-access to the deck with a magnetic opening and closing system.



The Next-Gen PVC has been tested to withstand constant use and handling. While paper cards tend to lose their freshness, our Next-Gen PVC will stay forever like-new!


The paper feel from a deck of playing cards is irreplaceable. The Next-Gen PVC is almost as THIN and as LIGHT as paper playing cards while keeping the paper-like feel!


The Next-Gen PVC is completely Water Proof. Unlike paper playing cards, there is no need to worry about sweat and dust as you can simply wash it under the sink!


While paper playing cards will always be a classic, we are constantly innovating and elevating the designs of playing cards. Try it out yourself to feel the difference!


The Paper Edition will feature a sleek-black border for those who wish to become more "stealthy". While the PVC Edition will feature a white border if you wish to display them in style.


The entire tuck case is inspired by the innovative technologies of Wakanda. Please refer to our opening instructions down below for a detailed tutorial.


Innovative and easy battery replacement system. See the installation & replacement instructional video below:


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