Mark-50: Nano-Tech Armour

“It's NanoTech, you like it?” - Tony Stark’s introduces his nanotech armour to Bruce Banner in Avangers: Infinity War.

When you open up the tuck case, the internal mechanism triggers the power of the LED arc reactor. The whole tuck case comes to life and is ready to take on any possible threats!

Just like the Mark-50 itself, the Tuck Case opens up displaying all 6 mechanical parts as if harnessing the energy and ready to battle the mad titan!

The center of the tuck case features the iconic Arc Reactor that Tony Stark created to power his Armour. We built upon our previous tuck case designs and added a power source to it, just like Tony Stark, we were able to light up the tuck case with beautiful WHITE LED Lights.


The design of the playing cards itself fully illustrates the technological advancements of Iron Man. From the intricate details of the arc reactor from the back design, to the custom court cards featuring the heroic poses of the invincible Iron Man.

There are only 5,999 Decks Printed and ONLY 3,999 Decks are available on this website.

"I LOVE YOU 3,000"

Experience the heroic and legendary journey of the Invincible Iron Man through the intricate designs and details of the interactive mechanisms. 

Licensed by Disney’s Marvel Comics, we are able to take you into the world of the Marvel Superheroes. 11 Years ago, the first Iron Man movie kicked off what is now known to be the biggest superhero franchise of the world - Marvel Studios. 

To honour the impact that Iron Man has created, we are very proud to present the birth of the Iron Man Playing Cards. 


People’s continuous prayers protected the gods’ immortality, and thus wielding their weapons, the gods blessed humanity with peace.

The design was inspired by the legendary battle and the famous Poseidon’s Trident as a key to open up the new deck that leads the player right into the middle of the epic struggle of the Olympian gods and humans against the fate. 


We have also utilized our magnetic opening & closing system to complement our self-locking system. Everything is took into consideration to forge this fabled deck.


The Tuck case features Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, and Laser Cutting technology to forge its legendary look. Each tuck case contains 15 pieces of uncut paper materials and takes 20 minutes fully assemble them.